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Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 1 o'clock am, Day of the Sun, Long Shadows 27th, 1534 T.A.
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Shattered Kingdoms has the following races for player characters to choose from:

  • Centaurs are a crossbreed of humans and horses, with the upper body of a human attached to the body of a horse. Centaurs are a wise race but somewhat lacking when it comes to dexterity. They are resistant to acid and to cold attacks but are more vulnerable to most other energies. Centaurs are able to run for hours and receive the endurance skill no matter what their profession. A centaur makes the finest land-based mount available anywhere. There are five centaur tribes which determine the centaur's place in life.

  • Deep-elves are slightly shorter than humans and have a much lighter build. They are inherently evil (and cannot be brought to the Light) both from their heritage and their upbringing. They are in most ways like their sunny elven counterparts, but dwelling underground has given them the potential for even more intelligence and inate magical abilities. Their cousins, however, are still the more agile of the two races.

    Please note: All elven characters (both light and deep) are required to RP by the guidelines set out in the enmity help files.

  • Dwarves are a race of short and stocky folk, standing a full head or two shorter than the average human though just as broad or broader, who are known for their excellent stone and metalwork. They are a long-lived race, often surviving well into their second century. Dwarven men are known for being proud of their beards, and one of the best ways to insult a dwarf is to suggest his beard is unattractive. Public shaving is a humiliating punishment in their culture, akin to flogging for humans but far, far worse as it denotes a dwarf of shame. Dwarven women also have facial hair but aren't nearly as uptight about it as the men. Children gain their beards shortly after birth if they are not born with them.

    With only merchants and diplomats leaving to trade and communicate with others, dwarves generally spend their lives around or in their homelands, mining metals and precious minerals and tending natural resources near the areas they favor for their cities. They then turn those metals, stones, jewels, and wood into weapons, armor, and crafts of stunning beauty and legendary strength.

    Although dwarves do have spell casters among them, they don't have a natural bent toward any magic. They do, however, make excellent fighters, and dwarven bands of mercenaries are not uncommon on the surface world. Despite their short stature, they are very strong. They have grown to resemble the rocks they love so much in two important ways: first, they are often more stubborn (and frequently grouchier) than mules, and second, their endurance, toughness, and general health are unsurpassed. Telling a dwarf he has the constitution of a brick wall is actually insulting, because brick walls aren't normally as strong as the bedrock they're built on! Since they are long-lived, like elves, they tend to be more patient than other people, but not to the same degree. Their general tendency toward stubbornness makes them loath to try new things, and they therefore learn skills and advance their powers more slowly than normal.

  • Elves are slightly shorter than humans and have a much lighter build. They lack the strength and stamina of the other races, but are far more agile, both in body and mind, helping them to move very quietly. Elves are inherently good, both from their racial heritage and their upbringing. They tend to resist charms and other magic, due to their magical nature. They may also see in the dark with infravision. Several elven bloodlines have been described.

    Please note: All elven characters (both light and deep) are required to RP by the guidelines set out in the enmity help files.

  • Giants
    "I am a giant of the Foxrow clan.
    I like to fight. I fight all the time.
    Giants like me like food. And drink. We fight the ones who want to fight us. When it is cold, I gather with my brothers. We sleep close at night. When it is hot, we fight! We fight to fight better. My brothers protect me! My mother is gone. My mother was a great warrior! She defeated my father. Her smile was large and her eyes were warm and dark like coals. All giants are brothers. Giant brothers fight though. In my heart I know I am Foxrow. Foxrow carves me like water in a canyon.

    "Sometimes I am in the mountains. I look over trees and see blue sky and brown mountains with white caps. I see green leaves like waves and orange sun burning in the ocean. The sight makes me smile. Sometimes it makes me cry. But if I were small I would only see trees. That is why giants are better than not-giants."
    -- Zhorzahk Yinlasto Foxrow, Barbarian Giant of the Wastelands

    Giants are the largest race, ranging from 9-12 feet in height. They are stronger than any other race and almost as durable as the dwarves. However, giants aren't very bright and their huge size makes them relatively clumsy. Giants resist poison and disease easily. However, their slow minds make them extremely vulnerable to mental attacks. Regardless of profession, giants devastate with the ability to throw boulders and bash barriers.

  • Gnomes
    "Brother and kin to the smithies of metal,
    Dweller of fields and lands unsettled.
    Other kin to that burly bearded tinker,
    Stellar craftsman am I too, and deep thinker.
    Treasures of the earth lay bare to see,
    Dark and shadows mean nothing to me.
    Pleasures of wisdom are open and free,
    Mark me, though smaller I'll always be.
    Droll and spry, wise and wry,
    Oh me oh my, what am I?"
    -- Traditional Gnomish Riddle

    Gnomes are distant kin to dwarves but are noticeably smaller than their cousins. Gnomes are wiser than any other race but slightly below average in most other abilities. They are resistant to poison and mental attacks but find it hard to swim. They sense disturbances in the earth and also see in the dark using infravision.

  • Griffons are a noble race whose roots are deeply embedded in the arcane. The first griffons are thought to be the product of a powerful wizard's magic combined with a god's sense of humor. Due to the nature of their creation and because of their creator's own altruistic heart, griffons are inherently good beings. They appear to be a cross-breed of a bird of prey in their front-quarters and a large feline in the rear, though they are easily larger than both. Over the years, several bloodlines of griffons have appeared, but the vast majority of their racial traits have not changed.

    Their feline ancestry is clearly apparent in the thick fur, often a sandy brown, though many variations in color do exist. Generally this fur extends up past their shoulderblades, where the wings protrude, before giving way to a more feathered covering at the neck and head. The wings of a griffon are a majestic sight to behold, the length from tip to tip easily longer than their large forms. The head itself is almost identical to a bird of prey, though their features vary greatly to resemble either eagles, hawks, or falcons. The fact that these creatures posess beaks and no lips makes it rather difficult to read their odd expressions. Obviously this unique build makes it impossible to wear most armors, and their talons make gripping any weapon not specifically designed for them exceedingly awkward.

    These creatures have almost no weaknesses as they possess great strength, a sturdy build, and a keen mind. Their hardiness also allows them to easily shrug off most types of poison, as well as disease. Their size does, however, make them somewhat cumbersome, but it is also this size and build that allows them to carry another person, even while flying. Despite all this, griffons are often not well accepted by many and are often thought of as a perversion of, even an affront to, nature.

  • Half-elves
    "Tis a wonder to me that any elf could see it fitting to love human...and even more a wonder that anyone aside from the mongrel's mother could possibly ever love it."
    -- Andret Qu'thron, guardsman of Sith'a'niel

    "Nah, they ain't half-bad, one o' them saved my life a few years back from a bandit..never did catch her name."
    -- Rangret Tulrav, Taslamaran farmer

    Half-Elves are the offspring of a human and an elf. Because of their mixed heritage, half-elves can generally meld well into the cultures of either, though humans are generally vastly more accepting of them than the elves. This tolerance, of course, varies greatly. There are many who see them as mongrels, little different from any other perversion of nature. This idea tends to be especially true among the deep-elves, of which many see them as little better than a full-blooded elf, and some believe them worse than their hated brethren.

    Half-elves tend to resemble their human parents in most ways, having a sturdier build than most elves, though still lighter and more agile than most humans. These half-breeds also tend to inherit the humans' tenacity, ambition, and versatility. Like humans, half-elves are well-suited to any profession. While they often are not as smart as most elves, because of their elven blood they do have the ability to see in the dark as well as an inherent resistance to mental powers and other such magicks. Due to their mixed lineage, or perhaps due to the trying childhood that can accompany such odd breeding, not all half-elves retain the inherent goodness of their elven parents.

  • Halflings
    "Halflings are an oddity, and not well understood, I'm afraid. They are very short, generally plump people, striking in their resemblence to miniature humans. This small stature makes them relatively weak in body, however their size also gives them a bit of fleetness, and even the greatest thieves of Teron find it nearly impossible to rival a halfling's natural stealth.

    "Many people who have met this strange little people almost always leave with the impression that they are extremely self-centered, often incapable of self-sacrifice. Those who truly come to know most halflings, however, soon realize that they are simply extremely zealous individuals, bordering on the line of obsessive. Halfling priests tend to be fanatical, their piety rivalling that of most of the holy knights I have met. Likewise, their warriors yearn for battle, their huntsmen and trappers thirst for the thrill of the hunt, and those less savory who practice the black arts are perhaps the most morbid individuals living. It just happens that many aim this...devotion...at themselves."
    -- Granthor Islinwon, travelling entertainer and magician

  • Humans
    "Versatility. That's what is means to be human. You take the damn elves. Sure they're quick and smart, but they're set in their ways. You wouldn't find elves living in a hole in the tundra, would you? Or living in a ship for months on end? Adapting. That's the key. Once, on a battlefield against an army of orcs and ogres, I noticed that the filthy monsters were just chomping up my front lines. They would charge for the cavalry, every time. They loved to eat horses, the sons-of-bitches. But anyway, once I noticed that, I set 20 horses with straw men on them on the top of a hill, and had my men dig ditches around the hill. Filled the hill with pits, spikes and traps, lacing them with anything that poke a dozen holes in each one of 'em. The monsters charged the hill and died by the dozens. We flanked them, gutted them and smeared them. And you know what was the damnedest thing? We did the exact same thing the next day. The same trick worked again and again, and we ran that filth off the battlefield. Why? They didn't change.

    "Your average human is just that, average. Not as strong as a dwarf, but not as slow as one. Not as bright as a gnome, but fitter. He'll never outfly a sprite, but he can swat down and smush the bugger. It's like a mold, y'know? You can find a mold anywhere. Anywhere where's there's air, water and land, and sometimes they can make do without those either. Let the elves have the woods, we'll thrive in the desert. Halflings in their neat little valleys, we'll mushroom in the mountaintops. You wonder why there are more humans out there than any other race, more of us than any other race by far? We aren't picky. That's why its humanity's world. We'll take it from every other race. It's just a matter of time."
    -- Taken from "Interviews with Grand Inquisitor General Nohamstis, Conqueror for The Empire of Bright Star" T.A. 137

    Humans are the most common race. They have no special talents like the other races, but they are far more versatile and can learn any profession. Humans also receive a bonus to their profession's primary attribute.

  • Sprites are tiny elf-like creatures with small, semitransparent wings. They are intelligent creatures, but very weak physically. A sprite is naturally the quickest and most agile race, and their magical heritage gifts them with several spells regardless of their chosen profession. Sprites can use their wings to fly. They are resistant to charm and to mental attacks but are vulnerable to poison and disease. Sprites have a variety of personal traits that can vary depending upon their sprite bloodline.

Different races have a variety of starting statistics, stat maximums, skills, spells and other special abilities.

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