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Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 10 o'clock am, Day of the Sun, Long Shadows 27th, 1534 T.A.
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Stories of Yigg

Yigg, at first, existed strictly as primordial ooze. In this blissful state of ignorance and oozeness, Yigg remained quiet, peaceful, and docile. Until one day, the beings known as Dulrik and Bane (the god today known as Zynor) came to be, and collectively began to conflict over each other's interests. Much in the way Xareth was given direction, Yigg began to take shape. The desires and passions in the gods gave rise and form to what we know look at as Yigg. At his spawning, Yigg smiled and danced a brief jig. Not knowing what in the hell this strange being was, Dulrik and Bane ejected Yigg from their sight and launched him from the heavenly pantheon. It is here that Yigg landed somewhere near what was then called the city of Haven, hit his head on something heavy, and passed out, remaining unconscious for a few centuries.

While unconscious, and laid out in the middle of a wheat farm outside of then Haven, the body of Yigg was discovered by a hapless idiot named DeGorgio, the owner of the farm. Thinking it to be some sort of warning of the gods that a man's corpse would simply be lying in his field, DeGorgio saw fit to take the sleeping body of Yigg, stuff his clothing with straw, and posted him on a pole to keep away evil spirits, drunkards, and crows. For exactly 117 years, the Yigg scarecrow stood in the field of the old farmer DeGorgio. Then, one day as Dulrik was gazing about his land, he spied something that was amiss! There seemed to be a being of non-prime-material existing without his knowledge. Rushing to the scene, Dulrik saw the Yigg scarecrow, and remembered how some century ago, had flung this creature from his sight alongside Bane, now known as Zynor. Dulrik, thinking that perhaps this creature ought to be given a voice, restored Yigg to consciousness. After an awfully grating conversation with this comedian, it was decided to allow Yigg to ascend to Avatarship. It is here that Yigg was given the charge of traveling the world over to assist any who needed assistance...by foot. After this long trial, it was deemed that Yigg would be granted the full status of an Angel, and was granted the portfolios of Entertainment, Lunacy, and Pleasure. (Primarily because they were left-overs...and yet somehow fitting this being) Yigg then later again was given rise to the status of Demigod, and was charged with a following and the establishment of his chuch.

Given the charge of establishing his church, Yigg founded what is today known as the Path of Yigg. This Path is a set of trials and stages in which the follower of Yigg could come to know their diety, and attain superior enlightenment. If you would like a full copy of the Path of Yigg, just ask. Later, Yigg obtained the portfolio of sailors from the dying clutches of the goddess Lorani. If you would like a more complete story of the death of Lorani from the Yigg angle, just ask. Then, after a period of active follower gathering, something stange happened to Yigg. He found himself to be sad one day. "How could this be?" Yigg thought. "After all, why would an enlightened being such as myself in my style be sad? How?" This threw all of the doubts of his faith and himself into light, and astonished (and maybe scared a little) Yigg. Not knowing if he is right about what he says anymore, Yigg choose to leave the immortal pantheon for a while. Followers and fellow gods in protest, Yigg took hold of a rocketing star and sailed into the unknown in search of a greater understanding of his dilemma. Yigg has promised to return as soon as he could, and has yet to be heard from since.

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