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Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 4 o'clock pm, Day of the Great Gods, Long Shadows 26th, 1534 T.A.
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Myths of the Pantheon, Part 2

The Myth of the Children of Zarnex

Zarnex, lesser god bearing the portfolios of Evil and Malice, had three children which became gods. The other children born unto him were horrible monsters destined to do combat with the heros of the realm below. The first of his children was called Demise. This child bore the portfolios of the Undead and Murder, and was named Demise for his corpse-like visage. The mother of Demise was a wicked mortal temptress named Arkielas, known for her powerful enchantments and study of the black arts. She died in the childbirth, and was subsequently raised from the dead and was given immortality through lichdom. Her death was no accident, for the god Kalok had put a horrible curse upon Zarnex which told that the mother of the children of Zarnex was to die during childbirth. But this curse had not deterred Zarnex as Zarathustra had hoped, for Zarnex saw this as yet another opportunity to cause evil to befall the realm. Zarnex fathered two other immortals, but not by his design. Most vile and wicked being, he snuck into the blood chamber of Ghania, where she lay sleeping upon her altar. Zarnex, full of spite against her since she was the chosen of Bane, incanted a paralyzing spell upon her. He then approached her where she lay, and raped her helpless body knowing that since she will be full with his child, she too will die. As Kalok's curse fortold, Ghania later died during the birth of her twin boy and girl. But fate had not smiled favorably on Zarnex that night, for Ghania gave birth to the twins of Fritz, goddess of Love, and Leviticus, god of Healing.

The Myth of Ghania's Death

As foretold in the curse of Kalok, Ghania was to die as the mother of Zarnex's child. Helplessly paralyzed by Zarnex's magic and invisible to the world, she lay for nine months conciving the horror of her demise. As she gave birth to the twins Fritz and Leviticus, the throes of death freed her from her paralyzed state just long enough to call out to her father Bane. Upon Bane's immediate arrival, she passed from life in his arms, and Bane wept tears of blood. Not accepting her passing, Bane absorbed his daughter into his own body and made her part of himself in the hopes that one day she might be restored to life. Bane then pledged that his son Zarnex, although evil as he, was to die for this crime and began to plot his son's demise. From that day forward, Bane became known as Zynor, which means "The Union of Blood."

The Myth of the Illuminated Triad

Seeing upon the realm a lack of wisdom and respect for the gods, Dulrik and Bane sought a way to bring about these virtues to the people. Herin laid the problem, none from this realm knew wisdom. So who would bring this wisdom that none in the realm could deliver. For 50 days and 50 nights the two gods pondered this, until on the dawn of the 51st day, Dulrik spied a bit of the mists from which he came. If he came about through those mists, so could others. So Dulrik and Bane peered through the bit of mist and found the three wisest beings in three seperate realms from their own. The first was the man Zarathustra, whose wisdom and virtue surpassed all whom were known. The second was Presto, a powerful wizard who knew the wisdoms of magick. The third was Kalok, a dark and evil tyrant of a distant empire whom had ammassed the greatest wealth of wisdom from his empire. Dulrik and Bane pulled these three men from their worlds and made them immortal. They charged them with the teaching of respect and wisdom to the mortals below, and forced them to cooperate together as a tried, binding them magickally to this oath. Additionally charged was the responsibility of the overseeing of the magical race of sprites since the original ruler of the sprites, Yizashi, had vanished.

After the instruction of the mortals below them, the triad was free to explore their own projects. Their first was the creation of an immortal. Kalok, Lord of Tyrants and Black Magic, put forth the idea that men of their power ought be able to create the most powerful of beings. Presto, Master of Sorcery and Fire, agreed adding that this being ought be given the charge of one of their duties, to allow them the time to pursue their own agenda. Zarathustra, Sage of Wisdom and Life, spoke favorably to the notion only if this being were a nobleman, patient, and wise. Perhaps wise enough to rule over the sprites as Presto had reccommended. Agreeing upon this, the triad worked the most potent of their magicks to create this being. The heavens shook with resounding force, and all gods looked on as the Illuminated Triad worked with the most dangerous of magick. Then, with a blinding flash, standing in the centre of the three, was a magnificent sprite full of glory. Kalok suggested the name Oberon, for it meant "Emperor" in his land, and all agreed. Upon the arrival of Dulrik, he charged the three with tampering with power they should not and forbade them from invoking it again. Dulrik then agreed, upon much deliberation, that this being ought live to his duties with the stipulation that were this being to step out of line, Dulrik would strike him down himself.

The Myth of the Fate of the Illuminated Triad

No sooner had the god Oberon been created, Kalok seethed with the intent to create more immortals with his powerful magick. Despite the warning of Lord Dulrik, and despite the refusal of the rest of the Triad, Kalok pursued this end on his own. Working for a supreme length of time, Kalok finally was able to invoke the mighty power of creating from nothing the most awesome of creature, the immortal! Upon the twisting of magicks and tempting of fate, Kalok began the process once more. At its grand end, arose from his magick was a formidible god, and it was named Tanis meaning "Power" in his former land. With a slash of a katana, Dulrik full of glory, stepped through a portal into the chamber of Kalok. Without warning, Dulrik attacked the mighty Kalok! The two fought an awesome battle whose magicks destroyed Kalok's tower of power. In the end and from the rubble emerged Dulrik, bloodied and battered, with the head of Kalok in his hand.

Presto, far before the death of Kalok, had experimented too with the creation of life. Remembering the warning he had been given, Presto chose to give life to a race of mortals rather than create a god. Sadly, while invoking a portion of the magick required to bring about a new race, the evil god Zarnex tossed a wicked spell into Presto's magicks. The choatic turn caused a reaction which destroyed Presto, his tower, and caused a crater so large, it devastated an entire kingdom. Zarathustra, stricken with grief, persuaded Kalok to inflict a curse upon Zarnex for the death of their friend. Kalok did so, and cursed the bearers of Zarnex's children to all perish during delivery. Zarathustra then filled the crater with water, and named it the Thirsis Ocean, which means "Dearest Friend" in the tongue of his former realm.

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