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Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
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Character History

An optional part of your character is a background explaining their past. This can be as simple as born to a loving family, or as exotic as lost in the snows of the north and adopted by a mountain tribe. The reason for planning this prior to creating your character is so that from the first day of your charcter's existance in the game, you are able to roleplay a full character; a character with memories, experiences and an outlook that will strongly influence their growth and interactions with other characters in the game. Note that this step is only for your own information - we do not require any written submission or registration for you to play the game. All that we ask is that you abide by the rules of the game.

The history and culture of the various races may also be helpful when explaining the ancestry and early years of your character. Some background on the realms itself may also influence your character's past.

Decisions that your character makes in quiet moments as well as in the heat of battle should be affected by what they have experienced so far - including the early years of their life prior to you 'creating' them. For more information on the starting age of different races, see the help area entry regarding age.

Once you have sketched out a history for your character, it's time to choose your character name...

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