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Maintained by Viltrax
Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 1 o'clock am, Day of the Sun, Long Shadows 27th, 1534 T.A.
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Below is a list of words and acronyms with their meanings to help those who are new to the game get a handle on some of the more unique terms used. Please note that abbreviations should NOT be used when roleplaying your character.

  • AFK: (abbreviation) Away From Keyboard
  • BRB: (abbreviation) Be Right Back
  • BBL: (abbreviation) Be Back Later
  • IC: In-character. All speech in SK should be treated as in-character unless it is prefaced with the tag "OOC."
    OOC speech should be kept to a minimum.
  • IMHO: (abbreviation) In My Humble Opinion
  • IIRC: (abbreviation) If I Recall Correctly
  • IMNSHO: (abbreviation) In My Not So Humble Opinion
  • IMO: (abbreviation) In My Opinion
  • IRC: (abbreviation) Internet Relay Chat - a protocol used for chatting in real-time via a central server on the internet.
  • IRL: (abbreviation) In Real Life.
  • LOL: (abbreviation) Laugh Out Loud
  • mob: A mob is any in-game construct, creature or sentient. Anyone who is not played by a person, in other words. A city guard, an attacking goblin, the town beggar, are all mobs.
  • MUD: (abbreviation) Multi-User Dungeon, Multi-User Domain, or Multi-User Dimension - the original 'Dungeon' description was used for the first multiplayer PC-to-server games that were in use even before the internet started up.
  • MUSH: (abbreviation) Multi-User Simultaneous (or Shared) Hallucination - a MUD-like game that is usually RP-only and usually without forced combat code.
  • newbie: Generally speaking, it is anyone who is new to Shattered Kingdoms. It is also sometimes used to refer to any new character.
  • notch: See tick.
  • OOC: Out-of-character. All speech in SK should be treated as in-character unless it is prefaced with the tag "OOC:". For instance, if you wanted to know how to save your character, you would ask like so:
    say OOC: How do I save my character?
    If you want to ask how to get to Sith'a'niel, however, you simply would speak normally:
    say How does one get to Sith'a'niel from here?
    OOC speech should be kept to a minimum. Use tell rather than say for OOC communication as much as possible. Yelling is not justified, a great annoyance to other players and an action that is likely to be punished as bad roleplay.
  • pleveling: see powerlevelling
  • powerleveling: It is a pejorative for a player who does nothing but attempt to level his character. You should not attempt to level at the expense of roleplay, but there are no rules on Shattered Kingdoms on how quickly you should level.
  • PK: One player-character killing or attacking another player-character. PK is allowed on Shattered Kingdoms.
  • PvP: One player-character versus another player-character. Usually used as a contrast to Player versus Mob interaction or combat.
  • QQ: 'Cry' (as in, two eyes crying). Usually meant sarcastically, ie 'cry some more'.
  • RL: (abbreviation) Real Life.
  • ROFLMAO: (abbreviation) Rolling On the Floor, Laughing My Ass Off.
  • RP: (abbreviation) Roleplay.
  • tick: A tick, in terms of experience, is an unofficial term to describe when a character's experience points increase enough to update the status message (for example, the messages 'You have just begun your journey to the next level' and 'You have a long way to go before the next level'). Also sometimes called a 'notch'.

If you have an entry you'd like to add to this page, please send an email to using the links at the bottom of the menu.
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