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Character Description

At the heart of your character's existance as they traverse the various lands of Pyrathia is their appearance. It is almost impossible to underestimate the importance of a good description. Also, writing a description is to some an art form that is always improving, as they expand their vocabulary, and as their character evolves during his in-character lifetime. A character's history may explain parts of their appearance - basic concepts like ancestry may shape their appearance much in the same way that real-life produces differences across regions within the same race. A rather obvious part of describing a character is also the approximate size - the help entry explains more.

For those that enjoy color in their descriptions, an excellent resource exists to handle all the color codes and commands for you - a web-based description editor. Coded by Myfanwy and interactivetools.com, it provides the ability to graphically design your description, then simply request the equivalent MUD code to have that same description in the game. It's all very easy to understand once you see it in action - Description Editor

A good reference can be found by reading the help entry for description.

My character has a name, an adjective and a detailed description as well. What now?

You are now one of the best equipped players and ready to actually start playing. Connect in, create your character in the hall of creation, and you're on your way to adventure! To learn most of the commands of the game, read the command guide and you'll be set for life.

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