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Maintained by Viltrax
Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 2 o'clock am, Day of the Sun, Long Shadows 27th, 1534 T.A.
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Connecting to Shattered Kingdoms

Shattered Kingdoms is accessible by the Internet Telnet protocol. Most personal computers can already communicate using telnet as part of their internet connectivity. In fact, chances are if you are viewing this web page, then you already have the required software to play the game!

How do I connect?

To try to connect to our server using your existing system software, click the image below:
Launch default telnet client

Is there a better way?

If you find that your system's basic telnet software supplies is rather plain, there is an alternative - on many sites over the Internet you can download a 'MUD Client' that will provide a much more enhanced and immersive experience of the game.

The basic information needed to connect is:
  • Host: mud.shatteredkingdoms.org
  • Port: 1996

We have searched the internet and compiled a list of the MUD clients that are available for various operating systems - click the clients button on the menu to learn more.

How much do you charge?

Nearly every MUD in existence owes a debt of gratitude to the original pioneers of writing MUD games - DikuMUD, Merc and ROM to name a tiny fraction of the many publicly released source codebases out there. As part of a long tradition and as well by licensing rules, we do not require payment in order to play. Feel free to play as often as you wish, for as long as you wish. Invite friends to play with you, interacting In-Character and learning more about the expansive world that exists inside the game.

Can I use chat programs and other out-of-game communication?

Refer to the rules inside the game. Sharing in-game information outside the game is not allowed and the characters involved will be punished and probably deleted when caught.

Can I make a group of characters all controlled by me?

Please Note!
The use of a dedicated client program is not meant to allow you to control more than one character on Shattered Kingdoms at any given time. This is called 'multiplaying' and is not allowed! For more details on this, refer to HELP MULTIPLAY within the game.

I can connect okay - now what?

If your connection to the server is working, then you have a choice: either spend some time setting up a more fancy MUD client, or get started on the game itself by planning your character history.

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