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Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 1 o'clock am, Day of the Sun, Long Shadows 27th, 1534 T.A.
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Playing the game: Typing Commands

Interacting within the game is done almost completely by you the player typing in commands for your character to perform. At times, this may mean moving in a certain direction (using points of the compass), talking with other characters in the game, or even fighting beasts that stumble into!

Basic Commands

The most common command you will ever use is LOOK. This command is executed automatically whenever you enter a new room, but it may also be used by itself to read the current room description, or you can give it an argument. A specific argument could be LOOK CAT or LOOK SIGN, while a generic argument would be LOOK [OBJECT]. Commands such as LOOK can be abbreviated.

To enter a different room, just type the compass direction that you wish to travel toward. Directions can be NORTH, EAST and so on. Directions such as SOUTHWEST are also valid. Directions are usually shortened to just N, S, E, W, NE, SE, NW, SW.

The bulletin board can be examine by typing NOTE LIST. Read the help on notes for more information on using the bulletin boards.

Information Commands

There are several ways to get information about yourself. The two most useful are SCORE and ATTRIBUTES. ATTRIBUTES lists your characters game statistics while SCORE concentrates on how the character is armored and weighed down. A very useful command as the game progresses is AFFECTS, which will display the skills and spells that are currently affecting your character. Also worth noting are the SKILL and SPELL commands. They will display a list of your current special abilities due to race and class and how effective you are at using them.

Equipment Commands

Knowing how to use your equipment properly can be the difference between victory and defeat. First be sure to check defeated foes for items such as weapons and armor. The command JUNK CORPSE will clean up the battlefield and leave only the treasure behind. Next use GET [ITEM] to pick up an item and place it in your inventory. One handy option you can select is AUTO LOOT, which will loot the corpses for you automatically. Type AUTO by itself for a list of other handy auto options. To view the contents of your inventory, use the INVENTORY command. If there is an item you wish to wield or wear the command WEAR [ITEM] will usually suffice. Some items require you to specify which hand to use. A hand can be specified by WEAR [ITEM] RIGHT. To see what you are currently wearing, type EQUIPMENT. To stop wearing something use REMOVE [ITEM].

Combat Commands

It will be impossible to progress without the knowledge of how to win a fight. The first thing to do is to use the CONSIDER command to observe your opponent. If you wish to attack, KILL will place you into hand to hand combat. Attack spells can be used to start fights by casting them on an opponent with CAST [SPELL] command. Also available are skills such as BACKSTAB, BASH, TRIP, or AMBUSH depending on your profession. You may use the COMBAT command to to tailor your style of fighting to better accomplish goals, such as where to AIM and fighting MODE - whether to stun instead of kill. Although no-one wants to lose a fight, if you find yourself in trouble it is better to FLEE in order to fight another day. If you continue to have problems in combat, you might wish to set the WIMPY function to automatically have yourself flee when you fall below a certain percentage of hit points.

Travelling Commands

Travelling throughout the kingdoms and wilderness is a large part of life and can occasionally be frustrating. Occasionally instead of the normal compass directions, an exit will have a name. To go to that place just type its name. Whenever you leave a city or a castle, you will enter the coutryside. Movement there can be slow and time consuming because of the distances involved. Travel can be enhanced with a mount such as a horse, centaur or griffon. The MOUNT command is used to ride these creatures. If you are forced to travel on foot, you can set your pace with SPEED. Jogging and sprinting will make you move faster but at the cost of additional movement points. When you run out of movement, you will be forced to either REST or SLEEP. Sleeping regains points at a faster rate but your surroundings cannot be monitored for enemies. Hit points and magic energy will also be restored through rest. When you are again ready to hit the road, WAKE, STAND and then continue on.

Magic Commands

Magic is very wide-spread in all kingdoms. A magic spell is initiated by using CAST [spell] [target]. Most defensive spells continue to function as long as they can draw upon the mental energy of the caster. These spells can be dropped through the command RELEASE. A caster can only maintain as many spells as he his concentration score allows. Intelligence is heavily related to concentration.

Training Commands

Skill trainers can be found in the most unexpected places. The TRAIN command by itself will list any skills that are available in that room. Training a skill is accomplished by TRAIN [SKILL]. If you wish to train your attributes use TRAIN STAT [STATISTIC]. Gaining a level is not automatic. When your SCORE indicates that you are ready to level, seek out a trainer and type TRAIN LEVEL.

Grouping Commands

To group with other adventurers you must first form a party using GROUP [GROUP NAME]. Once you have made a group, you can invite friends into the group by INVITE [PLAYER]. They may either snoop ACCEPT [LEADER] or DECLINE [LEADER]. If you wish for someone to leave the group, you may use EJECT [MEMBER] or a member of the group may LEAVE. All members of the group may use the INFO command to see group status. Once you are grouped, you may position yourself within the formation by using the POSITION command. Groups may be disbanded when the leader types DISBAND.

Death in Shattered Kingdoms

Death is never to be desired, but in the Shattered Kingdoms it is more than fleeting. After you die, you will become a ghost for a short time, haunting the area of your death. Soon enough you will be snatched away to the Plane of Death. Before that happens it is advisable to spiritually contact (TELL) a friendly priest, shaman, or warlock of your predicament and persuade them to recover your corpse and bring you back to life. If circumstances prevent that you can still REINCARNATE, however the penalties involved are not always desirable, sometimes including loss of experience or spirit disorientation. To learn more, read the help file on death.

Phew! That's a lot. What now?

By now your character has probably started moving around a bit inside the game, learning the basics of looking around, finding and wearing equipment - perhaps even visiting shops to buy food and so on. Sooner or later, you're going to want to visit the rest of the realms; the first city you start in is a very small percentage of the wide lands of Pyrathia. To travel outside the city, you have to travel in the wilderness...

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