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Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
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Choosing an Adjective

Part of any roleplay is giving your character an identity and a recogniseable style. Other characters in the game may come to know your character as someone who is to be worshipped and respected, or perhaps loathed and feared. Such reputations are earned through many interactions (whether speech, actions or even combat) - all of which have yet to occur when you first create your character.

And so, the first impression your character can make on the rest of the realms, is when your character is first seen. Before other characters in the game even examine your character, they will see you as shown in the screen shot below (assuming you created a male human) -
Adjective  Screenshot - Before: A male human

Changing this nondescript appearance is your first step towards painting a detailed picture of your character for others in the game to see and react to: in addition to the gender and race keywords that the system describes you as, you are required to specify a short adjective to further define your appearance. Thus, others in the game will see your characters as 'A rotund human is here.' (assuming you chose 'rotund' as an adjective) -
Adjective  Screenshot - After: A rotund male human

There is also a help entry for adjective if you wish to read more about this command. Next, you may want write a more detailed character description...

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